NCFCSDC Minutes – June 26, 2021

We met at the Wood & Swink Country Store & Post Office in Evinston at 10 a.m. There were 19 members traveling in seven cars. We travelled to The Lighthouse Restaurant in Fanning Springs where the meeting was called to order by Vice President Danny Thomas at 1:25 after a buffet lunch provided by Stephen Cade. Danny thanked the Gainesville members for planning the Scavenger Hunt and hosting the meeting.

There was no old business and there was no new business.

Orva gave the Treasurer’s Report. There is $2352.16 in our bank account. Orva said the bank will once again change hands and names. It will be PNC Bank as of August 1st.

There will be no club meetings in July, August or September.

Martha will check on the Gator Game schedule for 2022 as our club plans to host the 2022 State Meet.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:28 p.m. Prizes were handed out after the meeting.

1st prize to Michael Scarabino & Morry Osborn with 26 points (5th to arrive)

2nd prize to Larry McDaniel & Teshiana Parker with 20 points (4th to arrive)

3rd prize to Rodney & Rita Anderson with 20 points (6th to arrive)

4th prize to Jerry & Audrey Cade & Orva with 20 points (7th to arrive)

5th prize to John Buzinec & Dyan with 16 points (3rd to arrive)

6th prize to William Redmond & Marvin with 15 points (1st to arrive)

7th prize to George & Georgia Matt with 2 points (2nd to arrive)

Some of the members would have scored a lot higher had they seen the 2nd page of questions! There were a total of 30 questions.