We had a great time for the May scavenger hunt.  The hung began in Gainesville at Westside Park.  We eventually found our way to The Yearling Restaurant in Cross Creek for lunch.  The questions/answers follow:  See the pictures here>>

1: What society do you pass? Christian Science Society

2: What color is the dome house? Blue

3: Where can you play basketball in the shade? A Quinn Jones

4: What a nice street, I’d call it…? Pleasant Street

5: What reptile is having a flashback? Alligator 

6: Another name for hot rocks? Firestone

7: Name of the Historic Center? Thomas Center

8: What Army is on the corner? Salvation Army

9: This isn’t the district of Columbia it’s…? The Bed and Breakfast District

10: What island did we pass by? Lewis Oil & Fleet Island

11: What’s the name of the old grocery store? Perryman’s Grocery

12: What color is the igloo? Red/peach

13: What letter owns the liquor store? Dee’s liquor store

14: What was established in 1871? B’nai Israel Cemetery

15: What time of day should we visit the nature center? Morningside Nature Center

16: What body of water is the forest? Lake Forest

17: What’s at the end of the road? Arrow right or lake

18: What type of trees are growing in the water? Cypress

19: What’s in 500ft? Palm Point Park

20: What color is the grocery store at the cross roads? Green

21: Who’s historic house could you see? Marjorie Kinan Rawlings

22: Who loves you near the red mini barn? Jesus

23: What 4 things can you buy in Grove Park? Grocery: Beer, Wine, Peanuts, Soda

24: How many hoops in Grove Park?  4

25: What’s the name of the trailhead? Gainesville Hawthorne State Trailhead

26: What is the Hawthorne Middle/High School mascot? Hornets

27: It’s a wrap…? What is the Wrap Shack

28: Who’s highway is it? Sid Martin

29: What color star? Blue Star Nursery

30: What park is that? Lochloosa Park

31: What’s 6 miles away in Citra? The Orange Shop

32: Where can you get free tastings? Island Grove Wine Company

33: What author’s house is that on the left? Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings?